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Bella Lugosi (30) Escort Babe in Berlin

Bella Lugosi

CREATED: 27-11-2019MODIFIED: 27-05-2020TOTAL VIEWS: 7462THIS MONTH: 157

Mistress Bella Lugosi will be available for sessions in The Hague from December 5th - 7th 2019. From a classic tie and tease for the BDSM novice, to lush sensory exploration for the discerning fetishist, all the way to heavy bondage and merciless CP for the hardcore masochist, Miss Bella is a skilled player who crafts each session carefully, while remaining open and intuitive during the play.

Mistress Bella Lugosi has always been fascinated with the dark side of the human imagination. As a young girl, she was much more interested in the role of the evil and powerful female villains than that of the helpless princesses in her storybooks. Nightmarish tales filled her young mind with dark fantasies. 

Mistress Bella’s beauty is utterly unique. Her features are sultry and feminine. She smolders from within. Her charm is ladylike and disarming. After a bit of time in her presence, you start to realize that you’ve never met another woman like her before. You begin to melt under the sweet trance of her spell. Your resolve is slipping away as you enter this universe in which She is at the center. You can’t help but open yourself to her, raw and exposed, following her deeper and deeper into the abyss. With awe and dread, perhaps you slowly begin to realize the depth of her sadistic desires, but by then you are lost in her world. She is gorgeous and fearsome and the entire spectrum in between, and if you feel brave enough, she will take special pleasure in tormenting you.

Slowly. Lovingly. Brutally. 

Sessions are in English or German. 

Deposit required. 

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